Directions For Finding A Free Essay On Breast Cancer

Fortunately, breast cancer is a popular essay topic, so finding a free one shouldn’t be too difficult. But you still want to make sure you get a good one that you can actually use. There are places online and at your school where these essays can be obtained as examples for writing your own. However, be sure to look out for some mistakes that often come with free essays. If you are using a free essay as an example, make sure you couple it with some in-depth research of your own.

Search online

There are plenty of examples of breast cancer essays on the internet. Search for the term and choose the Images option on your browser. Download a few examples and use them as a reference point for writing yours. You should also find a lot of relative information about breast cancer in these examples, but don’t use any of that information without double checking it first.

Ask around

There are locations in your community that can also provide you with what you need. A library for instance may have an archive of breast cancer information—much of that information presenting itself in the form of essays written by experts. Just be sure the information is not outdated or contaminated with old data that is no longer valid.

What to look out for

As mentioned, when seeking out free essays, it’s important to double check certain aspects. These include:

  • Spelling mistakes: Many free essays have been written as samples by people who do not know anything about the subject.
  • Language errors: You may find that a free essay is riddled with punctuation and grammar errors because it was not written by a native English writer.
  • Structure and format issues: The essay may not conform to academic standards such as the amount of paragraphs, heading requirements, word count, etc.

Read, read, and read some more

Always couple your essay sample with real research. When it comes to free samples, you never know what information is accurate and what is not. Read up on breast cancer as much as you can so that you will easily pick up any contradictory information. In the end, the more of your own work you put in, the better you will do in your assignment.


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