Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious problem. There are many different types of drugs around the world each of which do different things to the biochemistry and then neurological functioning of the brain. There are some drugs which are natural and do not cause as much harm as those which are made in a laboratory. Many organizations use drugs for healing and in many ancient cultures drugs have been used for healing and rites of passage. But those who use drugs were well aware of the effects on how to monitor them. Today people do not adhere to such requirements nor did they act with such safety and discretion when they use drugs.

When drugs are used in excess it creates a dependency. There are changes to the neurological structure of the brain brought to you by increased drug use. Wendy's neurological changes take place it can cause severe and sometimes permanent damage. Drug addiction is one wearing the individual comes obsessed with scoring yet another fix. And addiction is one that is detrimental to both the individual and those around them because it often causes the individual to focus on nothing other than getting more of the drugs they are currently using

Drugs such as cocaine and crack are particularly unique because their effects are nearly instantaneous and they cause an increased release of serotonin and dopamine, to naturally occurring chemicals in the brain which are generally rewarded by the brain for positive behavior. However the drugs cause the brain to reward high doses all at once. This means that the individual receives a lot of positive chemicals in their brain which gives them a high. This also disrupt the natural production of these chemicals and as with anything and there is a high associated with it the must also be a low. And when that low comes it is incredibly severe due to the high levels of positive chemicals and hormones which were previously produced in the brain. Upon feeling this low individuals will immediately seek to remedy that by again obtaining the hide they once enjoyed. And this is what to be addiction increased use needs will only serve to further increase the disparity between the chemicals in the brain and to further altered the brains natural production of positive chemicals.

When this happens it creates a tendency this dependency must be stopped as soon as possible so as to rectify the damage that was caused to the brain. There are many types of programs designed to remedy drug addiction including behavioral modification therapy, group therapy, and sometimes a mix of drug therapy to help rebalance the brains natural structures.


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