12 Great Ideas That Can Help You Choose Topics For Persuasive Essays

In the event that you have been asked to write a persuasive essay, there is every chance that you can learn so much from the experience and actually get to use some of that knowledge to write a very good paper. Always remember that some of these essays are not just about writing the essay, but they are also about helping you develop and evolve as a student, to have a rational thought process to the things that go on around you, and about life in general. For this reason therefore it is important for you to learn how to write a very good persuasive essay.

The first thing that you have to know about such an essay is the fact that a good topic will definitely go a long way in helping you get as much marks from the paper as possible. So many students normally overlook this important feat, but you shouldn’t you cannot just pick any topic and assume that everything else will work just fine, so herein are some quick great ideas that you can use to write a very good essay.

  1. Argue as to whether or not the abstinence programs in schools are effective
  2. Should civil unions be granted the same privileges as married couples?
  3. Are smokers more talkative than non-smokers?
  4. Eating junk food is much better than skipping meals
  5. Extracurricular activities should be an obligation
  6. Analyze how bullies affect the self-development of their victims
  7. Are office dress codes effective to boost performance?
  8. Poor leadership as the leading cause of bankruptcy
  9. Are single sex schools the best for education?
  10. Promotion of diets should be banned
  11. Violent video games should be banned
  12. Should the media be restricted in how they report violent crimes?

These are some very good topics that you can use because they do elicit some strong views from both sides of the argument. You can choose to make use of these ones, or alternatively you can also choose to draft a new one along the same thought process.

The good thing with having some of these topics is that you can easily get the flow of the structure, so that whenever you are asked to write or to come up with a topic, you can do that in a very short time.


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