Romanticism In Literature

The romantic period in Literature is by far the most thematic period in history. There were several things that were first introduced during this era. It is during this time that the concept of aestheticism was introduced by a lot of famous writers. There are several poets and several authors that left their mark in history as romantics. The romantic era began in the end of the 18th century when the idea of expressionism became prevalent as a theme in several stories, poems and novels. It is true that the themes Explored in this ism were explored but now the aesthetics of doing it were very different. Nature became an important element during this time and how it was explored with the human mind, heart and soul.

Two poets mentioned below are the most prominent names in the Romantic era. These poets are William Blake and William Wordsworth. Following is how they invested in the romantic era:


William Blake is a romantic poet known for his creative imagination and his ability to induce aesthetics in the plainest elements of the world almost always forgotten. He also used a lot of biblical references in his poems to make them more relative and spiritual for the readers. Despite that, his poetry was not received very well during his time.


Wordsworth on the other hand gained a lot of popularity for his very aesthetic and romantic susceptibilities. He wrote and published a lot of ballads that introduced the lyrical form of poetry for the first time. He took over nature like Blake but at the same time explored the various sensibilities of the mind and the creative imagination through his work. Wordsworth’s work was something that forced the reader to be more:

  1. Observant of their surroundings. The way it looked at things was almost musical and made the reader feel more. This is exactly what Romantic literature was all about.
  2. He tried to establish the lost connection between people and nature and even objects that had no life in them.
  3. He explored the three states of being as one. This was also a tool that Wordsworth introduced and this later became a prevalent theme in Romantic Literature.

Several other poets and authors in American Literature and English Literature later explored. This theme is still debated over as what qualifies as a romantic theme and what can be considered rather contemporary.


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