Writing A Strong 500 Word Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Everyone heard about Romeo and Juliet, and every couple dreamed about having love as strong as theirs. It is one of the best tragedies at all times, and students of any age have to read it. Since there is so much information available it should not be difficult to write an essay on this theme. The problem is that it is close to impossible to write something that others did not write already. You have to be original and to approach controversial ideas if you want to get good grades, or just order a paper at https://usessaywriters.com/ if writing essays isn't your forte. Here are some issues that are worth analyzing in your essay:

  • Misogyny. Many feminist voices say that in this tragedy, the women are pictured as weak and sensitive. This, apparently, can influence young girls and limit their potential on the long term. You can discuss this in your paper but without supporting any sides; try to be as objective and realistic as possible and others will be eager to listen to what you have to say.
  • Try to understand the society from those times. Nowadays, it seems ridiculous to force two teenagers to get married to someone they don’t love. However, in those times they were considered adults and marriage was a business, not a love relationship. You can discuss about society norms in that time, how women were considered and if they were equal to men. Also, what would happen if the action would take place nowadays? Would the two characters commit suicide, or they would have a happy life?
  • Try to imagine different outcomes. This is a great way to stimulate your imagination and have fun while writing. Try to change one single act from the tragedy and see how this would influence the entire story. Why did you choose to change this? Does it have any moral for the tragedy?
  • Don’t neglect other characters. Even if Romeo and Juliet are the main characters, there are also several interesting personalities to analyze. Do you think that Paris is supposed to represent a stereotype? Can you compare him to young men nowadays? Also, why do you think that the author did not define other persons as clear as he did with the main characters? It was a technique to make them get more attention? Discuss about all this in your essay and bring evidence for any statement that you make.

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