Fallen Angels

The concept of fallen Angels is a very controversial issue in religion today. However, it is accepted as people believe that there is a force somewhere that draws or encourages people into doing evil. The concept of fallen angels is all about disobedient angels who were cast down to the earth from heaven. It is believed that these angels made wrong choices in heaven. They chose to disobey God and did evil. The fact that they got involve in sin and evil made God annoyed and He decided to cast them down. It is a belief that fallen angels were sent down to hell while others think that they were cast down to earth. Some people also hold the belief that the fallen angels draw people towards sinful and evil nature. Satan is believed to bring us towards sin and evil doing on earth. The fact that fallen angels were involved in sin means that they were rebellious against God. It is this rebellion of the fallen angels that is believed to have earned them a punishment of being cast down from heaven. They were not spared from punishment by God.

Lucifer and the Fallen Angels

Lucifer is considered to be one among the fallen angels. Lucifer and other angels rebelled against God. They did this by doing evil and being sinful. God thus cast them down from heaven as a punishment for their evil doings. Lucifer in the Jewish translation means Satan. Satan, a fallen angel, is believed to be the father of all evils and sins on earth. Satan is pictured in the Bible as being inferior to God. Satan is also shown to be powerless in the eyes of God. The book of Revelation in the Bible talks of casting down of Satan to earth by God. Fallen angels are thus considered inferior to the other angels. They are also considered to be evil.

Christianity and Fallen Angels

The Bible, the sacred book for Christians clearly shows the adoption of fallen angels’ concept. Revelation Chapter 12 talks of the angels who were cast down by God from Heaven as a result of evil-doing and sinful nature. The Bible describes God’s decision to cast down the fallen angels as irrevocable. This implies that the fallen angels will never be redeemed and accepted by God back to heaven. The evil deeds of the fallen angels were unforgivable. Some people, however, believe that the fallen Angels will be redeemed.


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