How To Write An Essay Title Page In The Chicago Format

A title page is the face of your essay. If it’s formatted with mistakes, you’ll make the bad first impression on your teacher. You should strictly follow the formatting rules in order to make everything right. If your assignment guidelines require you to create a title page in the Chicago format, you should follow the tips below.

  1. Make basic preparations.
  2. Margins on the left, right, top, and bottom should be equal to one inch. The text of the paper should be double-spaced.

  3. Choose the font.
  4. Times New Roman is the font that is usually applied in the Chicago format. The font size for a title page should be 12 pt.

  5. Place the title.
  6. The title of your paper should be center aligned, halfway down the page.

  7. Place your name.
  8. Your name should be centered directly under the title of your essay.

  9. Place your teacher’s name.
  10. The name of your teacher should be centered almost at the bottom of the page.

  11. Place your course title and block.
  12. The title and block of your course should be centered under your teacher’s name.

  13. Place the date.
  14. The date should be centered under the course title and block.

You shouldn’t use any decorative techniques like bolding or underlining. You also shouldn’t put a page number on the title page. Moreover, it shouldn’t be considered as part of the total page count.

If you have problems with writing or formatting your essay, you may approach somebody who can help you. Here are a few good sources:

  • Your instructing teacher.
  • A teacher who gave you this academic assignment is obligated to help you with it. They may both give you valuable advice on how to write your paper and provide you with useful extra materials.

  • Your classmates.
  • You’re likely to have some classmates who write great academic papers and earn excellent grades for them. You may ask such a student to help you improve your writing skills.

  • Professional tutors.
  • You may hire a tutor who will teach you how to compose and format your papers. This will cost you some money, but your skills will be definitely improved.

  • Academic writing companies.
  • You may use the help of this agency or some other services. In exchange for money, they can format, edit, or even write an entire paper. This option is very effective because it’ll almost guarantee you a high score. However, you should use it only when you cannot write your assignment by yourself.


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