A Guide To Academic Writing: Learning To Create A Powerful Essay

Creating a powerful essay is all about writing passionately about a topic that you really care about --- are really interested in learning more about, or writing about something you already know a lot about that you can knock out not only easily but well!

Writing Topics

Should I Write About What I Already Know About – Actually No!

What I like about writing about a topic I do not already know a lot about is that if it is a research paper especially, I get to knock out two important things on my list at once. I can learn , say, about blog marketing, while getting my essay that is due in English class in two days – already done and out of the way. So, do not feel like to have a topic you already know about—what you really need is a topic you can get excited and motivated to write about that you are very interested in in terms of subject matter.

Even if it’s not a Research Paper . . .

Even if it’s not a research paper—read the conversation surrounding any topic you write about on the web. For example, if your topic is “Save the Polar Bears from Global Warming” and you do not have to do research—bump your essay up a notch by including some research anyway. Even if you do not have to include quotes or paraphrases, you still want to write, what is formally called, an informed essay. In fact, you want to write th most informed essay as possible. One does not want to write something “uninformed,” right.

So, get the tenor for what is being discussed currently on the news and other important places on the web—for this, perhaps marine websites or sites concerned with the possible extinction of animals—for what is going on with polar bears and what we can do to ensure that they will not thin out due to extinction risks of global warming and poor environmental human practices that are causing

If you’re doing Business Essays or Research Papers

Or even if you are not, you will want to find the surrounding conversation going on on the web, right?

Then You Can Begin With a Whole New Voice

In college, one of the lessons that is underscored in each class we take is that anyone can have an opinion—but we do not want to listen to these, right? Informed opinions are ones that you and your reader can both consider a reliable source.

It’s Time For Writing

Now you can sit down to your essay, and your voice will have a whole new tone, a more confident one, as well.. And the confidence you gain with this new attitude are going to make the writing more readable AND more easy to write – especially when you need something fast.


Structure is an important thing in an academic essay and the structure for essays never changes—only the kind of information you are discussing.

All essays must have a thesis statement as well. These tell your reader what your essay is going be about in very clear English F or example, all essays have a strong introduction – one in which the author has obviously strived to get the reader’s attention .

All essays provide some kind of evidence in the paragraphs that proves the thesis is 100% backed up by solid evidence.


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