How To Come Up With A Great Process Essay Topic: Tips & Tricks

Essay writing is one of the most assigned tasks to students during their academic careers. They start writing essays at a very young age during their school years and continue writing them until higher qualification. The only thing that changes is the complexity and length of the paper. Students learn about new types and forms of essays when they promote to higher grades. The most common types include argumentative, descriptive, narrative, expository, process, cause and effect, analysis and comparison. All these types however, follow the same format of introduction, body and the conclusion. The introduction is where you present your topic to the readers and engage them to read the rest of your work. The body is where you explain your major arguments and include supporting points to prove your stance. The conclusion is the last paragraph where you summarize your work and show how you succeeded in doing so

One very important thing that we missed in the above paragraph is the topic of your paper. Topic selection might be the most critical and time-consuming part of writing an effective paper. This is critical because the topic will decide the scope of your work, the amount of research involved the direction of your paper, originality of the ideas and importance of your paper. If the reader does not seem interested in your topic, he will then have no time to continue reading the rest of your paper.

If you are struggling to compose a winning topic for your process essay or need some suggestions to help you choose the right topic then you have landed to the right place. Below are few helpful tricks and suggestions to help you come up with a strong topic for your process paper

  1. Determine the subject you want to address. In this case, your subject would be the process you want to explain in your paper. Make sure to write about something that you are comfortable with and can easily write.
  2. Brainstorm for fresh ideas to present your subject in an engaging and interesting manner. Make sure that you do not stop yourself in the middle of this process and allow the brain to work out its creativity
  3. Eliminate the ideas that seem irrelevant or repetitive
  4. Pick your final topic out of your top ones
  5. Edit and rephrase your topic to make it precise

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