How To Organize An Interesting Essay About Shopping Addiction

While shopping is a necessary part of life, like all things, too much can be bad for healthy living. This may seem strange to some people as for many people, it is impossible to develop such a lucrative addiction simply because they do not possess the cash to facilitate this activity.

There are many angles to approach this topic and one must also be careful of the possibility that they may offend some people with their essay, or at least be aware of what they are doing if they choose to do so. The following points will guide you through a basic outline for constructing an essay about shopping addiction:

  1. Economic reasons for this habit
  2. Shopping addiction is quite interesting when you consider that even people of limited financial means can be afflicted with this condition. Conduct a study to find out the relationship between the possession of money and the likelihood that someone will develop a shopping addiction, the results may startle you.

  3. Economic groups where shopping addiction is common
  4. The results of this line of questioning may be quite shocking as most of the people with this addiction, come from back grounds that may surprise you. Start from the most obvious social groups, the wealthy, and work you way down the ranks. You may discover that it is not an addiction to shopping as much as it is a relationship between how much you can buy and how much money you possess.

  5. Possibles reason for this addiction
  6. While some people claim they just love to get new stuff, others do it for completely different reason and some of the reasons can be almost psychotic. Try to remain objective and gather information from as many sources as you can, preferably someone who is afflicted with the condition or knows someone that is. I suspect there are varying reasons why persons become addicted to shopping and these can be very interesting to view listed together for comparison.

  7. How the problem can be solved and problems that may arise from possible solutions
  8. While it is essentially harmful, this is still a big problem for many people, for example, working spouses that have to deal with their partner spending irresponsible amounts of money on things that are not needed. It is likely that the problem does not arise solely from a person’s lack of self control and any a solution may affect entities much larger than any single person.

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