Substance Abuse And Alcohol Abuse

Substance and Alcohol Abuse is an existing and pressing issue in many societies in the world today. Some people think of substance and alcohol abuse as an issue and a problem that only affects the youth. It should become clear to all people that the problem may be present among adults. The reasons for why people abuse substances and alcohol may vary depending on the environment of the individuals. Alcohol is one drug that is to be one of the drugs that are most commonly abused by both youths and adults. Apart from alcohol, other substances commonly abused include nicotine, cocaine, tobacco and marijuana. Substance and drug abuse can be very harmful due to the consequences. The effects of substance and alcohol abuse can be harmful to the individual and have effects on the family members of the victims. The society and the nation may also be affected by the problem and issue of substance and alcohol abuse. It is vital to deal with the issue from the root causes to reduce the effects of Substance of substance and alcohol abuse in our societies.

Reasons for Substance and Alcohol Abuse

The reasons why people abuse substances and alcohol may vary. Adults may abuse alcohol and other substances because they are depressed. Family problems and stress may be a major cause of their substances and alcohol abuse. For youths and teens, peer pressure may be a cause of substance and alcohol abuse. Some youths and teenagers may also be following family example. This is the case where they learn the behavior of alcohol and substance abuse from their parents. Availability of alcohol and other substances may lead to abuse by youths and adults. Lack of policy and law enforcement in countries may also be a reason for why alcohol and other substances are abused.

Effects of Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Individuals who abuse substances and alcohol may suffer adverse health effects. Various substances that are abuse negatively affect the health of the users. Some of the conditions that result from substance and alcohol abuse are life threatening. The family of victims of substance and alcohol abuse may also suffer. Substance and alcohol abusers may get violent and may cause injuries to family members. Substance and alcohol abuse affects the economy of a nation. The young and energetic people are unable to work and perform their tasks towards building their nation.


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