Obesity In America: Writing A Strong Problem Solution Essay

Essays are no doubt the most intriguing part of our childhood. You need to be having quiet a good sense of writing along with great knowledge of English language. It makes you competent enough to write your dissertation and research paper in later walks of educational life. The more you will practice writing them the more will your knowledge get added substantial of forming a great write up.

There are many formats of write up and you have to be acquainted with most of them else you would be bamboozled about the types of writing when you will be asked to write a particular one. You need to know the difference between an argumentative and a problem solution essay else you would never be able to write one in the perfect formats.

What is a problem and solution essay?

As the name suggests this type of write ups talk about a problem and tries to discuss the solution for it. Generally assigned in high school but are quite efficient in creating a viewpoint amongst the youngsters. Here you have been vested with the topic obesity in America. So you need to gather all the information about the problems related to it and discuss the solutions. Never hesitate to state your point. Try to discuss whatever you feel free about talking.

How to come up with a strong problem solution essay:

  • The topic is the most important thing and here it has been already given to you as “obesity in America”. The topic has huge depth and you can talk about it on a large scale and discuss problems related to it. You need to do detailed survey from normal people and get an idea from them.
  • The facts that you will be collecting should be taken form varied personality. Try to survey some cultural people, political people, social activists etc. The more diverse answers you will get the better will your work be about obesity.
  • Try to gather as much information as you can. Do backgrounds research on the percentage of American’s suffering from obesity. Here you will get all the statistics about the decade long surveys done earlier. It will be quite fruitful for your project work.
  • Make a chart of your work and try to follow the work accordingly. You need to place the entire information one after the other in a meticulous way else there will be no point writing a problem and solution essay.

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