How To Come Up With Unique Expository Essay Topics

Expository essays are designed usually for academic purposes. Here students need to consider an idea, investigate all the available options, offer explanations and then make the arguments to make it an impeccable piece.

While selecting the topic for expository essay, what elements you should consider?

  • Topic can be easily planned: Read the guidelines provided by your instructor and make everything clear. Consider your audience and understand their requirements and expectations.
  • It can generate ideas: Write ideas on a piece of paper. Listing, questioning and free writing helps you in terms of ideas and creativity.
  • You can create an outline: After collecting ideas, arrange them step by step. Figure out if the chosen topics meet your outlined criteria.
  • Check out appropriate sources: Refer popular books, articles, scholarly journals, magazines articles, trustworthy websites, newspaper articles etc.
  • Evaluate sources in terms of credibility: Identify author’s credentials, check out for citations, check prejudices, the publication date etc. Cross check all these information through a reliable source.
  • Highlight passages that catches your attention: This aspect helps you in jotting down the important elements regarding its uniqueness. Prepare notes as in why certain topic seems more interesting. Quoting certain words or sources will help you in extracting information.
  • Collect information in respect of references used, bibliography, and work cited pages. Based on that you can develop your expository essay topic. Ensure that your topic can be easily argued with enough details.
  • Ensure that you can introduce the topic well: Write engaging sentence to write introduction and conduct discussion.
  • Provide context: Proper background information will help your readers understand the topic well. So choose the topic that has adequate information available with it.
  • Your essay topic should not be longer than a sentence: It will express the chief argument.
  • The topic should be easily divided into paragraphs: The essay should be written in 5 paragraphs structure. If instructed, it can be a 3 paragraph paper. Each paragraph should discuss different point with supportive evidences. Your each main point should focus on the topic.
  • Evidences should be easy to gather: They can be in the form of quotations, paraphrases and summaries. Analyze all the evidences.
  • Ensure that transitions are possible: Each paragraph should make a transition to the next summing up main points in conclusion.
  • The essay topic should be easy and influential in concluding statement: Restate and rephrase your paper and offer final thoughts.

In short to say, when you choose a unique expository paper topic, it should affect the readers positively. The narrow topic should fit well in the broader themes or observations and the reader should come to action exploring further on the topic.


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