Odon Von Horvath

Odon von Horvath was basically connected to the roots of Hungary, as was born in a small town Fiume. His schooling was initiated in Budapest and then further with his degrees from the Ludwig Maximilians University situated in Munich. Horvath initiated with his writing in the earlier 19th century dropping out from the university and moved to Berlin. He was a great writer and had written ample of novels and books throughout his life. At the starting time of Nazi regime in Germany, Horvath relocated to Vienna and had also won many of the awards for his writing skills. He was one of the most admired Hungarian novelist and dramatist of German-language in the year 1930s and also one of the most primitive antifascist writers in Germany. He has been awarded with the Kleist prize and many more in the fields of writing. He has benefited the world with some of the best novels like “A child of our time”, “Youth without god”, “The eternal Philistine”, “The Age of Fish”, etc.

Odon von Hovarth has also written many plays like Paperback, The Belle Vue, Italian night and Tales from the Vienna Woods, for which was been awarded with Kleist prize as well. Hovarth had experienced large number of achievements and has been awarded for his writing many of the times. Horvath was a creative person having immense knowledge and skills of writing. His contribution in the fields of writing specially more than 21 plays throughout his life which also made him earn a reputation at international levels and was been admired by the Weimar confreres Joseph Roth, Carl Zuckmayer, and Bertolt Brecht. He was been renowned by his novels and plays and created a personality and image in the entire world.

Hovarth although had made remarkable achievements all through his life which proved him one of the most youngest writer initiating with his interest at the earlier stage of his studies dropping out the studies at the university levels. Cementing with the works Hovarth ended up with his life at the age of 36 in Paris on 1st June 1983 and evidently Nazis were responsible for his cruelly ironic death.


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