Writing A Good Evaluation Essay About A TV Show: Basic Directions

An evaluation essay is practically an analysis of a given medium, object or a publication. In order for a student to write a good evaluation paper, such student should consider certain criteria that will eventually lead to coming up with fair judgment based on the object being evaluated. More so, your paper should be backed up with facts and evidence so that your target audience would not assume you are just making things up. So, if your tutor has settled for an evaluation paper on a given TV show, this paper would give you all the hints you need to make sure that you submit the type of academic paper that would get you good scores and most importantly, impress your tutor.

Here in this post are the few hints you need to write a good evaluation essay about a TV show. They are as follows:

  • Research On The Show: Before you do anything, you should first carry out indepth researches on the TV show you are about to write on. Find out when the TV show started, the genre of the show and possibly, the purpose of the show.
  • Watch The Show: Since it is important that you pass a fair judgment in evaluating this given show, you should make out time to watch a couple episodes of the show. This is the only way you can get a first-hand experience of what the show is all about.
  • Introduce Your Paper: Your target audience should know what the paper is all about through your introduction. The thesis statement will be the last sentence in the introduction. This introduction should only be written after the main body of the paper has been completed.
  • Background Information: To make reading and understanding easier for your target audience, you should compose your paper’s background information to further enlighten the readers about the show being evaluated, including the genre, anchor, and other important facts.
  • Select And Write The Criteria: This is what would help you carry out a fair evaluation of the TV show. Carefully list them out.
  • Analyze The Criteria: One after the other, you review the value of each criterion, or the lack of value as the case may be. In doing this, you should lend more credence to your analysis by including facts and evidence.
  • Conclude Your Paper: You have come to the last stage of your evaluation essay, the conclusion. See it as a restatement of what you have in your introduction. If there are any suggestions towards improving the show, don’t hesitate to let your target readers know about it.

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