Writing A Personal Narrative Essay: 20 Fresh Ideas

Essays have always been part and parcel of our lives. We cannot deny its existence from the very basic childhood. We have been vested on several topics to write about and the most important part is that we have enjoyed writing them. It has given us a feel of being an author and painting our own canvas with our own strokes of imagination.

Narrative essay is quite of a different scope than other formats. It is completely like a blank canvas where you can draw any kinds of line whether straight or curved all depends on you. You are the maestro and you have to paint it as you like. There are certain rules that should be followed:

  1. The write up should be done in a first person basis. No second and third person basis is allowed in this form of writing.
  2. The title should be as catchy as it can get.
  3. The introduction should be brief and concise.
  4. The body should have a broad imaginative description.
  5. The conclusion should be tight.

20 topics for narrative essay:

  • The greatest achievement of my life which made me proud of myself.
  • What would be the possible changes if I could mend the rules of the school?
  • The most technologically advanced gadget that I would want to invent.
  • The reminiscence of my first memory.
  • The decision which took a chunk away from me.
  • If I would have born in a different century.
  • The things that make me laugh without reasoning.
  • The secret place which I would have love to have.
  • The incredible vacation spot where I want to go every summer.
  • The unique talent which I have in me.
  • What will be the future looking like and how different will it be from our present?
  • The greatest invention that science has ever came up with.
  • The most important things of life without which I won’t survive and why?
  • The changing scenario of the society with my growing age.
  • The first feelings of my life for a girl and how I understood that it was different from all others.
  • The most incredible news that I have ever received.
  • The most significant tour of my life.
  • The friends of my childhood lost in due course of time.
  • The special superhero character which I would like to be and why?
  • The first football world cup experience of my life.

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