English Literature

People have either studied English Literature once in our life time or maybe some are still left to have it as our subject. In any which ways we study about the different other authors, writers, poets, and artists related to English Literature that evolved from all around the world. Which means it does not, for real, only include various great artists not just from England but from various other countries as well like Scotland and Ireland and many other such various countries. As and along the British colonies were spreading throughout the world, the English Literature also started expanding. It all seems to have been started in between the 8th to 11th century according to the poem written by Beouwlf.

Not just the literature but their cultures and the norms and everything were being spread all throughout the world, one of the best ways to keep these cultures, stories and tales alive was through English Literature. They don’t just tell us about different existing genre of fiction but also the non-fiction part about the past which included the greatest of all rules and kings and queens and their heroic acts. From the greatest wars won to the worst wars lost and the best of love stories to the saddest tales in the history, all has been covered by English Literature. Of course there are different time phases and centuries how the language has changed and grown over the centuries. Every day a new word has been added to the dictionary.

Not only this but it also has different genre which come both under fiction and non-fiction like action, thriller, history, geography, comedy, mystery, cultures, romance, ghost stories, and many other such. It was also spread all over America and there are various authors who as well evolved from there and slowly there were artists from all around the world. There have been so many various successful novels and stories which have happened over the past. Various movies have been further made from them. For example: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and Hamlet of the same.

Today, English Literature has been spread all over the world. 78% of the education systems across the country have English as their first language and have included English Literature for study purpose where the stories from various authors and poems from various poets have been added. People have also gotten into the field of Literature to write more and more novels about it and even in the teaching line.


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