The Basics Of Writing An Essay On Why Arranged Marriages Work Better

Ever since, arranged marriages are considered controversial. And, these days, many people think that it works better as it is a practical choice. This topic is an excellent choice for composing an essay but of course you’ve got to conduct a thorough research to come up with a sensible paper that can discuss clearly why this is a more excellent option than when couples meet each other and then get married later.

The basics of writing an essay comprise of the following:

An exceptional method to approach a written dissertation is to visualize it as something that is created with an introduction, the body (which should have 3 main points) and the final one is the conclusion. Not to mention, hinging on the breadth and length of your piece, having 3 main points can aid make your paper easier and structured properly.

The introduction must be able to answer 3 vital questions: first, what am I discussing in the paper (let the reader know the topic of your piece), second is how am I going to discuss it (this part lets the reader know how your composition is organized through concisely presenting the main ideas or evidence that support your point) and the last one is what am I going to prove in this research project (this refers to your thesis statement which clearly asserts the point or argument you’re making in your piece).

The body must comprise of all everything between the introduction and the conclusion. This is the part where the 3 main points are discussed. Indeed, in each paragraph, you have to introduce and explain your point, provide supporting evidence and then expound how the evidence and point connect to your thesis.

Take note that the entire point of every paragraph is to link your point to your thesis, but, it is useful to clarify it in a single sentence of the paragraph.

Finally, the conclusion must be able to restate the introduction. In other words, you’ve got to reiterate questions 1, 2 and 3. In simpler term, your conclusion goes like this: point 1 leads to point 2 leads to point 3 which explains or supports why the thesis is true.

In composing a paper about why arranged marriages work better, organization of the paper is pivotal. This way, the piece is easier to write and can guide your readers well. Keep in mind that a well-organized paper can grab the attention of readers and persuade them that your thesis is well-founded.


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