10 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

The compare and contrast essay is generally one or the other. Many students are not asked to both compare and contrast in the course of their essay, as the typical high school or college link the paper does not allow for such extensive research. Instead many students are asked to write either a comparison or contrast.

The purpose of this paper is to select to perhaps opposing or perhaps slightly different ideas, subjects, people, places, characters, or anything in between and show genuine analysis of them that results or manifests into the connections they have with one another.

  1. The first thing that you might consider writing about is a comparison or contrast between Mahatma Gandhi and Osama bin Laden. Both were influential figures who were able to motivate thousands of people to act on their behalf. Both were killed either opponents. While one fought for freedom and civil rights and was nothing but a pacifist promoting compassion, the other was a militant who wanted to implement extreme religious ideas and fought for intolerance and war.
  2. You can compare and contrast Edward Snowden to Julius Caesar. Both men played an instrumental role in bringing down a powerful institution. Caesar brought down the Roman Republic and Edward Snowden has brought down the NSA.
  3. You can compare and contrast Plato to Socrates. Both of them ancient philosophers and founders of Western philosophy, one focused on the idea that he knew nothing while the other focused on the idea that ideas were the only constant in the world. You can compare and contrast two religions such as Judaism and Christianity, or Protestantism and Catholicism.
  4. You can compare and contrast different countries and their politics such as welfare programs in Mexico versus the United States, or the DMZ in Korea versus the Mexican American border.
  5. You can compare and contrast public universities to private universities or large universities two small ones.
  6. You can compare and contrast the quality of education received a traditional academic institution versus that of an online institution.
  7. You can also compare and contrast different books or pollens such as the yellow wallpaper for a Rose for Emily.
  8. You can compare and contrast the hunger games series to the book 1984, both novels telling the story of a dystopian future with oppressive and watchful authoritative society.
  9. Compare Julius Caesar to Macbeth
  10. Compare Beowulf to Odysseus.

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