Teenage Pregnancy

What could possibly be causing the rise in teenage pregnancy? Unfortunately, most people understand that there is more to the topic. Blaming the teens may not give any solutions to the issue also. Low self-esteem may be a possible cause and a challenge for many teens. Reportedly, some youths are pressured into behavior like having sex before they feel ready for it. Unfortunately, parents or teachers may not have a clue of the pressure. Everyone requires a role model, and it is good that a child can emulate parents. Failure of teen’s supervision by both parents and teachers may lead to the increase in the number and occurrences in teenage pregnancy. Parents and teachers need to ensure that teens do not push boundaries with the friends of the opposite sex. Have some rules as teens interact and be there to ensure they are followed. Instances of the teens having sex will reduce. Failure of teachers to offer the required guidance of sex matters is an issue. Teens need to be aware of all the repercussions and impacts of irresponsible sexual activities. They need to learn about the diseases and the other effects including early pregnancies. This lacks leading to the rise or increase in the problem.

  • Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Currently, teenage pregnancy incidents are on the increase and reports indicate the situation may get worse if nothing is done to deal with or curb the issue. Teenage pregnancies and motherhood among teens are one result. Young motherhood resulting in teenage pregnancies is on the rise. Students have to drop out from school to cater for babies. Apparently, teen girls are too young to care for newborns. However, if they give birth, they have to leave school to carry out motherhood duties. This is unfortunate as it denies them the chance to learn. Most of the times if the father is a student; he continues studying meaning that the child grows up fatherless. Teenage pregnancy can lead to premature deaths of girls as they attempt abortions or during birth complications.

  • Combating Teen Pregnancy
  • Guidance to teens about effects of irresponsible sexual behavior and acts is possible. It is vital also to supervise teens closely both at school in homes to reduce instances of sex. Also, issues of peer pressure, drug abuse and alcoholism need to be dealt with as they may be the contributors to the issue. However, victims of teenage pregnancy need support to move on with life ass this is essential. Social isolation is not a solution and may cause teen mothers stress and depression.


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