Writing An Excellent Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

The basic five paragraph essay is pretty straight forward. You start with in informative introduction then make three points for your argument, one for each paragraph, and then a proper conclusion. Persuasive papers mean that you have to try to convince the reader that your point of view on the subject is the right one. There are a few things that you have to do in order to make your paper a good one. Here are a few suggestions on how to write such an essay.

Things to Do

  • Pick your side
  • Make your introduction informative
  • Come up with three good reasons
  • Make your conclusion strong
  • Persuade the reader

Pick Your Side

The first thing to do is decide if you are going to argue for or ageist uniforms. Pick the one you believe in most. People are more likely to believe what you are saying if you believe it too.

Make Your Introduction Informative

Make sure when writing your into you take care to make it a kind of “why I am writing this” paragraph and don’t forget to add in what side you are on. Make sure that you are actually telling the reader what they are about to read.

Come Up With 3 Good Reasons

Now you have to have 3 points to make for your position that supports the side you took on the subject. Make sure they are persuasive reasons that will make the reader believe your points. If you don’t go into detail about why this should or shouldn’t be happening they won't know why you are right.

Make Your Conclusion Strong

A good conclusion is strong. It sums up everything you said and made your point one last time. It is almost a last ditch effort to get the reader on your side. It is your last chance to tell them you are right and why, and it is the last thing they will read.

Persuade the Reader

Throughout the whole essay, your goal is to persuade the reader to be on your side of the argument. If you fail to do this, then it is no longer a persuasive essay, it is now just an essay on clothing choices. Make them believe you by believing in what you are writing and making good points to back it all up.

This topic can be easy so long as you have an opinion. Most school students do have an opinion, no matter what kind of school they go to, about uniforms. Take your opinions, back them up with your three points and prove those points with facts. It is that simple.


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