Funny Topics For Creating A Successful Argumentative Essay

Choosing a funny topic for your argumentative essay is a smart thing to do because it’s easier to make a positive impression on your readers with a paper like this. In this particular case, the very title will serve as an attention grabber, which will make your task of attracting audience much easier to accomplish.

However, do not forget that sense of humor is something personal and many things that you consider funny may be offending to some other people. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but it can turn into one if one of those offended is your teacher.

To avoid this kind of issues, you should choose a topic that is “neutral” but funny at the same time. Here are some examples:

  1. Why do people like watching cat videos online?
  2. What your cat thinks about you.
  3. In real life, customer is never right.
  4. Lying is a professional requirement for politicians.
  5. A gun is your friend: we need less gun control.
  6. Our next president should be (a fiction character of your choice).
  7. Violent video games teach s survival for the case of zombie apocalypse.
  8. Your computer freezing up is a good thing.
  9. Wal-Mart is the best store in the world.
  10. Email spam is really good for you.
  11. Country music should be used as torture device.
  12. The worst movie in history.
  13. A sock eating monster exists.
  14. Cats actually rule the world.
  15. Lab mice are the ones experimenting on people.
  16. Does Wikipedia have the answer to all the most important questions?
  17. Stereotypes are good for society.
  18. Being an outcast in school builds character.
  19. We need more movies about zombies.
  20. Annoying your roommate is a must.

Whatever topic you choose, remember that your essay must be educational. Fun is good, but it is still an academic paper, so you must make sure that it includes some new interesting information and ideas. You will also need to find some good evidence to support your arguments, no matter how silly they seem. Therefore, you should do some preliminary research before making the final decision on a topic. Find out whether there is enough information available for you to create a good paper.

Remember not to be offensive in your essay. It can be difficult to hold back from making some derogatory comments about your opposition, especially if you feel strongly about the topic of your paper. However, this is necessary if you want to get a good grade. Otherwise you risk alienating your teachers and some of your peers.


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