A List Of Unusual College-Level Essay Topics For Frankenstein

Frankenstein is considered as the modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley is the author who has incorporated the eccentricity and obsession of scientist Victor Frankenstein very well in her novel.

Following are some of the popular college level essay topics for Frankenstein-

  1. Frankenstein- The zenith eccentricity of romance: Frankenstein is among the finest expression of love in terms of character development and the narrative pitch. It is one of the best essays for college students in the category of Gothic novel.
  2. Frankenstein and the “Victor of playing God”: An essay could be written with solid arguments conveying position of the reader along with substantial claims that Victor is trying to play as God.
  3. Frankenstein as the modern Prometheus: By collecting specific and concrete evidences from the novel to support the term Prometheus, a great college essay could be written.
  4. Frankenstein- An abominated or a Prometheus character: Convince your readers to support your point of view.
  5. Society and abhorring Frankenstein: Mention the character of Frankenstein supporting arguments in terms of social values.
  6. Sick Frankenstein and traumatic events: Victor Frankenstein was often counteracted by illness. Point out if it was an escaping mechanism or was an effective way to find solutions of his problems.
  7. Victor Frankenstein as the monster: State relationship between his demeanor in terms of family desires and the natural world. Articulate his similarities with monster as the story progresses.
  8. Frankenstein and sympathy: State if Victor’s eloquence was worth reader’s sympathy.
  9. Victor Frankenstein and the tragic fate: Express how his relentless hunt for knowledge met the tragic fate. Was the situation avoidable? Does knowledge presents a deleterious end to life?
  10. Frankenstein – A clash between human life and scientific discoveries: Write an essay on all the tragedies of Victor Frankenstein in terms of loneliness and fighting him alone with the entire world.
  11. Scientific revolution with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Mention why Mary warns people not being too much obsessed with science correlating with the struggle of Frankenstein as a creature.
  12. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly: Reveal the deep message conveyed by Mary in terms of qualities like pride and vanity to discover life.
  13. Frankenstein turned monster from a lover: Frankenstein exhibits summit of romantic waves. The whole journey can be cited in terms of moral values.
  14. Frankenstein: Morality without divinity: Much information can be written in this aspect by linking moral values of Frankenstein and comparing it with his monstrous behavior.
  15. Human values in Frankenstein: An essay citing various values like love, hate, obsession, eccentricity etc can be very well portrayed.

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