Looking For A Strong Compare And Contrast Essay Example For High School

A compare and contrast essay will generally focus on two subjects. Students must use their paper to analyze the similarities and differences between these two topics. For an interesting writing experience, students can choose topics that they are completely unfamiliar with. If the student wants to make the writing process a little easier, they can find topics that they are already familiar with.

Should Students Use Examples?

Many students have never had to write a compare and contrast essay in the past. For these students, learning about the writing process will make creating a paper easier. Students can use example documents to figure out the best ways to develop an argument and contrast two different topics. Examples are a great way for the student to learn about writing. Once a student has found an example, they should highlight the thesis statement and the topic sentence of each paragraph. They can read through these sentences and learn how the author developed a strong argument. By looking at the author's examples, students can get a better idea about what is expected from their own writing.

Finding an Example

Once the student has decided to use an example, there are several places where they can find a good sample document. Offline options include teachers, friends, libraries and tutoring centers. A teacher will generally show a sample in class. If the student needs an additional example, they can always ask their teacher to hand a new example out. Likewise, students can visit their tutoring center or library to find other examples. The library will also contain writing manuals that can help to guide the student's writing.

Online Options

With online papers, students will generally have a wider variety of options. Free writing sites will have papers posted for any student to use. Likewise, academic sites and university English departments will normally have sample essays available. For customized examples, students can always hire a writing service to write about a specific topic.

Be Wary of Plagiarism

Examples should only be used as a general guide; they should not be turned in. If the student wants to turn in an example, they should find a freelance writer or a writing company. Through one of these options, students can purchase an original, plagiarism-free document that they can actually turn in. Students should never try turning in a free essay because they have a higher chance of getting spotted for plagiarism. To be certain, students can always put their document through a plagiarism checking program to make sure that it is completely original.

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