Seven Topics To Write An Interesting Reflective Essay On Bad Things Lead To Good

We have many experiences as we go about our daily lives and often only realize the significance of these experiences long after they have passed. Here are 7 interesting fictional reflective essay topics on bad things that lead to good ones:

  1. The broken Limb
  2. You have never been close friends with your bigger brother, in fact, he hates you. During soccer practice, he breaks a limb and is now forced to depend on you for assistance. Describe the changes in your brother as he comes to appreciate you as a result of his injury.

  3. Death of my favorite pet
  4. You received a puppy when you were a little child which has been your companion until into your teens. The dog is old now and dies as a result. Show how this experience has made you more mature in your understanding of the world and life as we know it.

  5. Visiting my In-laws
  6. You are forced to spend a weekend at your In-laws and you are not fortunate to have in-laws that you get along well with. Describe a visit to your in-laws where you learn that they had to fight through more than the regular hardships of parenthood and show how that changes your opinion of them for the better.

  7. Late for my flight
  8. You are on your way to the airport when you have a car accident. It’s nothing serious but you twisted your ankle. This accident causes you to miss your flight. Two hours later you learn the plane has crashed into the ocean with no survivors. Describe the experience.

  9. I’ve never been sick like this before
  10. You are a naturally active person who never had any reason to pay attention to your health. You travel abroad and catch a flu that doesn’t kill you , but keeps you in bed for a month. Discuss how this has changed your life.

  11. The inconsiderate boss
  12. Your boss hates you and everything you do, but you endure his treatment. One day you can’t take it anymore and set out to form a business of your own. How has your inconsiderate boss helped prepare you for this venture.

  13. The earthquake
  14. There is an extreme earthquake that completely destroys your house while you are out. In the rubble you find a chest you have never seen before and it contains uncharted treasures. Describe this experience.


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