How Do You Compose A Synthesis Essay On Grapes Of Wrath?

In order to write a good essay it is important to understand the requirements of the work and, therefore, if you are writing a synthesis essay on Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, then it is important that you are aware of the specific requirements of this form of academic paper.

  • Choosing which materials to use
  • When it comes to writing a synthesis paper, you will generally be analyzing a variety of different materials, and then writing about them. Of course, if you are basing your paper on Grapes of Wrath, then one of the most significant sources will be the novel itself. However, it is possible to use a wide range of other resources to assist you whilst writing the work. For example, you may wish to look at any of Steinbeck’s other work, so as to draw comparisons, or put together any relevant information that might assist you.

    Ultimately, you will generally have quite a wide range of choice as to which materials you can use, as anything can potentially be relevant, as long as you can connect it in some way to what you are writing about.

  • Reading everything fully
  • Before you start writing anything, you will need to read the materials carefully. In fact, just as you would research details writing other papers, you have to spend the time absorbing the information related to the various materials that you will be discussing.

    Even if you have written materials before, it is important that you reread them, so as to get a better understanding of what they mean, or simply to remind yourself of what was written. Furthermore, whilst reading the work, it can be a good idea to make any relevant notes that might assist you whilst writing the work.

  • Creating a thesis statement and writing the work
  • The first thing that you should do is create a relevant thesis statement, which will act as the basis of your paper. You will then need to create a first draft, with the thesis statement in mind. Of course, there is no need to get things perfect of the first attempt; however, you will need to ensure that things are written to the necessary standard in subsequent drafts.

    Finally, the last thing that you will need to do is check over the work. This element of the writing process is essential, as proofreading and editing can remove any mistakes.


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