Composing A Winning Personal Problem Solution Essay: The Essential Tips

Are you in the process of writing a personal problem solution essay, but are not sure how to complete it? Then take the time to learn the simple rules that can get you a great grade. When you follow a few proven steps the process of writing such a piece is relatively easy. With that thought in mind, take a look at the following tips:

The Elements Of The Piece

To figure out how to structure the essay take a look at what elements must be included:

  • Refute objections
  • You must put an argument forward that the solution you suggest is the best
  • You must do a great job of explaining the proposal
  • The problem must be described
  • A case must be put forward for why the problem has to have a solution

If you base your price on the above elements then it should have everything it needs.

How To Select A Topic

Since this piece is based on you personally you must look inwards for topics. Start off with the biggest problems in your life – ones that you get the most emotional about. If you chose a good quality problem, then you will have a lot of material to write the piece. It also helps if the problem is interesting for the reader.

It could be the case that by the time you complete the essay, you will figure out the solution for your problem.

Places To Find A Solution

You’ll need to find credible places to find a solution, so that you can reference them. If the nature of your solution is scientific, then you can reference online scientific papers. This will add a lot of credibility to your project.

Other places to find a solution include a forum, and this venue is great because you get to ask questions. This means you get to present your specific problem, and you could get a specific solution fired right back at you.

However, you must make sure that the solution makes sense, because it will count towards your grade. You can ask your friends and family to see if your solution makes sense. Getting a 2nd opinion will give you some much needed perspective. If the solution does not make sense to most people you ask, then you can simply move onto the next one.


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