A List Of Good Essay Topics On Recent Political Events

Politics is always a volatile issue that changes from one moment to the other. This is the reason behind so many unstable situations in some regions of the world, where disagreement among nations leads to conflict in the worst case scenarios. Read this post to come up with appealing subjects for your next article.

The following headings reflect the current international situation and propose controversial possibilities for your upcoming essay. If you want to focus on a topic that will lead to a debate, then pick one topic that has no clear solution in the short-term. On the other hand, you are able to change the approach to the topics if you are more interested in making a review on the situation. In a frequent basis, political issues lead to a discussion on the topic, though.

  1. 2015 Elections in Venezuela and the consequences of the possible outcomes.
  2. The Maduro's regime: why are millions of people living under so many restrictions?
  3. 2015 Elections in Spain: the possible changes that could affect the country.
  4. The Paris attacks and the aftermath of the terrorist crisis: is it close to an end?
  5. The terrorist menace: the counterstrike from Europe in Middle Orient.
  6. The following topics are meant to explore some recent events that could be of importance in a short-term basis. Research about the heading you pick in order to come up with a strong conclusion on how the situation will evolve in the future. What do you think that are the consequences of these events? Take a close look at the following list.

  7. Recent modification in the demographic law in China: is this the right measure regarding overpopulation?
  8. Nationalisms in Spain and the Catalonian quest for independency.
  9. The US army status in Middle Orient: is this approach the correct solution to achieve peace?
  10. The international French political situation after the jihadist menace.
  11. Top 10 international most concerning conflicts in the world in 2015.
  12. The international political situation for 2016: can we expect to see some conflicts solved? If yes, which ones?

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