Collection Of 10 Topic Ideas For Your Essay About Harry Potter

When it comes to writing an essay about the Harry Potter series, you will need inspiration and some good prompts to get started. Fortunately, the books are full of situations, characters, and ideas to discuss in your paper. You may also find a quote that you either agree or disagree with and explain your point of view in your writing. The following collection of topics is worth your consideration.

Sample Topics for Your Harry Potter Essay

  1. Do you think of Severus Snape as a villain? (Explain your point of view using evidence from the books.)
  2. Why did Hermione marry Ron instead of Harry? (Imagine what would have happened if she chose Harry.)
  3. Who is your favorite character and what you particularly like about him or her? (Use the evidence from the books to describe the best character in your opinion.)
  4. Why did Voldemort become bad? (Analyze the issues he had in the childhood and how they influenced his personality.)
  5. Who is the bravest character in the series in your point of view? (Select two characters and compare their actions in similar situations.)
  6. What would you choose Horcrux or Hallows? (Provide the reasons why you picked one option or another.)
  7. Do you agree that the world of magic should be hidden from ordinary people? (Identify the reasons why the wizards hide from the humans.)
  8. Would you like to study at Hogwarts? (Answer this question and if the answer is ‘yes’, tell the readers which of the four houses you’d like to join.)
  9. Do you like the ending of the series? (Share your ideas on how the alternate end could look like.)
  10. Does the story show the influence of fate in the characters’ lives? (Pick the examples from the series to prove that the fate plays a significant role in the story.)

Tips on Composing an Essay on the Harry Potter Books

  • Decide whether you will write about a particular chapter, a book, or a series.
  • Remember about the length of the paper and make sure that you have enough words to address a chosen topic or else narrow it down.
  • Study the formatting style guide, paying special attention to how to insert quotes and whether you’re allowed to use footnotes.
  • Read the book carefully and find more information about its author, study critiques’ opinions, and watch the movie.
  • Write an outline first, add the necessary details, and then prepare a rough draft.

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