Organic Food

With the increase in the population, there has been a great need for increased food production so as to meet the continually rising demand. This led to the invention of other methods to increase the food production. Some of these new trends included the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified foods. All these methods have been linked with numerous effects on the life and health of human beings. They are associated with significant risks of cancer and other diseases. This led to a campaign to change from these farming practices and embrace new ones that are safer. This is what saw the introduction of organic foods in the 1970s. Organic foods are foods that have met a certain standard of that has been agreed and is deemed safe for human consumption. For any food to be classified as an organic food, it has to be grown with standards that are set for organic foods. This includes the insecticides used, fertilizers and soil treatment. The most common practices that are welcome so as to attain the required standards include the use of natural fertilizers and practice of crop rotation for soil treatment.

Why Organic Foods?

It is important to note that organically grown foods do not differ in nutrients content from the other conventionally grown foods. In cases where some differences have been cited, they are minimal and insignificant. Organic foods are however very safe in terms of future health issues. They contain little or no chemical contents. They do not therefore pause the risk of causing diseases like cancer and other related conditions. Organic foods also advocate for better farming methods. These methods are environment-friendly. They thus help in keeping the environment safe. They do not harm the soil or water and thus do not alter the living of other microorganisms. Organic farming practices do not reduce soil fertility or even change the PH value.

Organic Foods Outlets

There are various known organic food outlets. These stores are licensed and according to word regulations they can only sell foods that have the right chemical content. The common places include supermarkets, fresh foods outlets, some groceries and from the internet. Buyers are however advised to be cautious when buying organic foods. They are encouraged to read the food description carefully to ensure that they buy the right foods.

The organic food industry is growing at a very high rate. This is because of the demand for safer foods and the increase in the population.


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