The 15 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For 10th graders

Persuasive essays are pretty much similar like argumentative essays but comparatively follow placid mode of writing style. In case of an argumentative essay, you attack your counterpart with the alternative approaches whereas in persuasive essays milder and gentler approaches are followed. In persuasive essays, you may offer statements or remarks on the topic in the way they are written or can carry the discussion with an opposite view.

Consider following mind-blowing persuasive essay topics

  1. Excessive money leads to wastage. You can discuss wastage in terms of extravagance on lifestyle, beauty, travelling, foodie habits, etc. You can also relate it with medical issues due to extra comfy lifestyle.
  2. Teens should always follow their parent’s guidelines: You can talk why teens should follow their parent’s footprints. Discuss the topic in cultural terms. Talk about the adverse effects of scientific advancements on the society.
  3. Why snow fall is best for family time? Discuss the beauty of snowfall. State the closeness that family members share with each other. How people enjoy eating, watching cinema, playing indoor sports together?
  4. Kids should not be always encouraged for high grades: Talk how all time appreciation makes them addicted of it and they can’t bear bad remarks.
  5. Less homework grooms better personality: Discuss how social exposure and spending time with the family makes kids emotionally strong.
  6. Unhealthy magazine covers should be banned: Relate it with increasing number of rape cases and sexual assaults.
  7. Women are taking undue advantage of their women empowerment rights: Talk about how women take advantage of their looks to get an exposure in the society. How they are getting job promotions with ill intentions.
  8. Short hair enhances better fashion statement than long hair: Argue various hairstyles matching in terms of contemporary era. How these hairstyles make women look more pretty and sexy?
  9. Education should be made free for all age groups: This way, nobody will stay illiterate and it will eliminate racism everywhere.
  10. Cell phones should be banned while driving: Discuss how it increases accidents.
  11. Expensive cigarettes will gradually eliminate the habit of smoking: Discuss.
  12. Rape victims should be hanged to death: Discuss how it will decrease the number of rapes. How a few hangs will teach lesson to the miscreants.
  13. Pregnant couples should be offered free parenting lessons: State how it will bring transformation in the society.
  14. Film and Television celebrities are bringing the nuisance: How their dressing sense and use of abusive language in songs and dialogues is responsible for it.
  15. Beauty contests are more preferred by men: Discuss why men prefer such shows more than women.

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