Top 25 Essay Topics For High School: Best Suggestions From An Expert

A good quality essay is one that has been well written and expressed. Selection of a good subject plays an integral part in the successful presentation of an essay. The selected topic should be very interesting and gripping. It should help you to put forward your views and ideas convincingly and constructively. Many high school students face great difficulties while selecting an interesting subject for their essay. A little help from an expert; and you are ready to win accolades with an impressive essay. The following 25 unique essay topics will put an end to all your confusions.

  1. Is examination a genuine parameter to judge a student’s intelligence
  2. The wildest and craziest things you would love to do before you die
  3. Is it safe to share all your secrets with your best friend
  4. What does success mean to you? To what extend can you go to be successful in life
  5. Does spirit really exist? Have you ever experienced any spooky or uncanny moments
  6. Should sex education be a part of school curriculum
  7. Spy cameras : A boon or a bane
  8. Given a choice to spend an entire day with an alien; what are the things you will do
  9. Do teachers also need to be counselled
  10. Life can be fun without electronic gadgets – justify the statement
  11. Do women players and athletes enjoy equal status as their male counterparts
  12. Should animals be sacrificed in the name of religion
  13. Life without vehicles: the impact of this statement in your everyday life
  14. What is that one thing you would love to change from your past and why
  15. Which is your favourite cartoon serial that still brings a smile on your face
  16. Being a fitness freak can be fatal: Justify with suitable arguments
  17. A novel that touched your soul
  18. If you could exchange happiness for something; what would that be
  19. Your idea of a perfect holiday
  20. Can best friends ever make a perfect couple
  21. Is luxurious lifestyle the root cause of most diseases
  22. What are the various things you do to stay motivated
  23. Parents are the best guides you can rely upon
  24. Does fashion go a long way to define your class and character
  25. Bermuda Triangle: a mystery that has baffled mankind for ages

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