A List Of Good Argument Essay Topics For College Students

When it is time to write an essay, one of the hardest parts is choosing something to write about. Students that need help choosing an argument essay topic can read through the ideas on this list. These topics can be used as a source of inspiration or adopted exactly as they are written. Once the student has chosen a topic, they should pick a side of the argument to support. For the best grades, students should support their argument using facts, data and statistics.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it ethical to use animals for scientific research?
  2. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent for criminals?
  3. Are people too dependent on technology?
  4. Is it ethical for states to support gambling through state lottery systems?
  5. Is global warming caused by humans?
  6. Is it every acceptable to torture someone?
  7. Should tobacco be made illegal?
  8. Are law enforcement surveillance cameras a government intrusion on personal privacy?
  9. Do high schools and colleges focus too much on standardized testing scores?
  10. Should men be given paternity leave when they have a child?
  11. Are children worse behaved now than they were a decade ago?
  12. Is the election process in the United States and the electoral college fair?
  13. Are parents unaware of the predators that exist online?
  14. Are curfews an effective way to keep teenagers out of trouble?
  15. Are cell phones physically dangerous?
  16. Should racing cars be required to use bio-fuel?
  17. Is it ethical for companies to market directly to children?
  18. Should schools be allowed to teach creationism in science class?
  19. Does providing teenagers with condoms encourage them to have sex?
  20. Do the CEOs of major companies make too much money?
  21. Should the government tax junk food and sodas?
  22. Does access to birth control and condoms prevent teenage pregnancies?
  23. Does age actually matter in romantic relationships?
  24. Should the United States adopt English as its official language?
  25. What age should children be allowed to begin dating?
  26. Do professional athletes make too much money?
  27. Should the drinking age be raised or lowered?
  28. Do beauty pageants exploit young girls?
  29. Is the college admissions process too competitive?
  30. At what age should children get to make their own decisions?
  31. Does boredom and free time increase the chances that a teenager will start to use drugs?
  32. Are video games the cause of violent behavior and aggression?
  33. Should gay couples be legally allowed to marry?
  34. Is the cost of college at private schools unfairly high?
  35. Should every adult be required to serve in the military for two years?

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