Good Vs Evil In Shakespeare's Plays

Shakespeare is well-known play writer. The reason he is greatly celebrated is for the way he uses his main characters to his ideas. The ideas that he brings out in his plays are the very ideas that we experience in real world situations. He, therefore, creates his stories to fall in the right context of the exact themes that are experienced in the world. The central issues that come out naturally in his plays are that of evil attitude and hatred between characters. In most cases, the good that is done by the characters in the plays is outweighed by the evil that is portrayed by the same traits. Shakespeare tries to show the world that evil is within us and we are the root course. Those that practice veils are deemed to get punishment for it.

Who is the cause of Evil?

Nature is always just. God created human beings and did all the best to keep them safe. However, the world has changed and men are greedy. Their greedy lead them to do so many things that are wrong. It is this greed that has caused all the evil in the world. This is the same picture that Shakespeare tries to show us. We are the source of all the problems that we face. For example, Lear gives all the land to the daughters and is left with nothing. This was a mistake and when the daughters decide to do wrong, it is Lear who suffers. This shows us how we handle the evil that we do. We do not mind about each other. Lear says that there is the raw nature that is good and is unharmed. This is regardless of all the evil that is present in the world.

Importance of Raw Nature in maintaining the Good

The good will always be there even after all the evil that is in us. This is why the characters in Shakespeare plays are fond of nature. It is the only way to experience the good that is present in the world. The good is in existence even when evil seems to have taken over. When two characters that are evil begin to fight against each other in play, it is evil against evil. This is when the good finds a chance to thrive and grows and at last overcomes the evil. Shakespeare shows how people see good as weak until evil fights itself to death and leave the good to shine.


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