What Everyday Life Would Be Like Without Any Ethical Standards

Have you ever thought of a world without moral standards? What would life be like? As you ask yourself all these questions many more, think of the how fundamental ethics is. People spend time moving around to give lectures on ethics to different groups. Yes, because it is an important aspect and part of the human life. It is the driving force towards a smooth life. It is what makes the human race live together in a peaceful manner. No man can live alone and without ethics, life together would be living hell. It is ethics that gives us the power to choose between what is right and what is wrong. The sense of care not only for oneself but even to those close to you has all to do with ethics. Ethics is what promotes proper acting and taking responsibility. It dictates the standard behavior of man. It is because of these important reasons that I dread a life without ethical standards.

Importance of Ethics

I believe that without ethics, there would be no need to work. This would mean that we all live in the bush without a sense of direction. Working would have no meaning. We work so as to make our lives better by at least owning some assets. Without ethics, there would be no sense of ownership. There would thus be no need to work for things that you will never own. Without ownership, there would be no stealing. People would there take what they want. You do not mind what you take and if it will affect the other person. We would be centered towards pleasing our self. It would not matter if you hurt others or put their lives at stake. So long as you are happy nothing else really matters. In the end, this would just cause the human race a lot of troubles. The living standards would be very little because of the no work culture.

No Professionals and Careers

Careers are built on ethical lines. They are controlled by standard codes of ethics. If there were no ethics, then there would be no careers. Even the important ones those are essential for human life. Imagine the world without doctors. People would be dying of illnesses because of the lack of physicians. The funny thing, however, is that no one would ever care. All would be concerned with being happy and satisfying their needs only and being alive.


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