E-Commerce Adoption In SMes

Small and medium sized businesses are adopting e-commerce as a way to improve sales figures. With a CPA marketing network, small and medium sized businesses are able to improve their online sales and marketing, so that they can more easily adopt e-commerce into their regular business tactics.

Some companies wonder what they should look for when evaluating CPA Marketing Networks. CPA is “cost per action”. Ergo, a CAP marketing network is a cost-per-action marketing network. The idea is much simpler than it sounds: you get paid when anyone clicks on the affiliate link for your company and completes any action. This “action” can be myriad of things, but generally includes things such as: Completing an online form, Getting a quote or estimate online, Signing up online for a free trial, or Buying something from your company.

So what does CPA offer compared to banner advertising, things such as Adsense, and other affiliate marketing strategies? It places you higher on the value chain. In order for your company to make the most from its website, you need to ensure you are as high up on your value chain as you can be. In a standard value chain, Adsense, banners, and CPC models place your company at the bottom rung of the value chain. Conversely, selling your company products and promoting affiliate products that are targeted through CPA places you higher on the chain.

Your company enjoys integrated advertising. This is a nice feature with regards to CPA. It means that you don’t have to cover your company website with ugly banners or blocks from Adsense. Instead, you can enjoy professional, clean brands that are seamlessly integrated into your website. So with those benefits, what should you look for when reviewing CPA marketing networks? You want to find a good offer. This starts with finding a CPA that has offers in alignment with the existing traffic to your site. How can you find the best one? There are actually a few programs that you can use which act like a Google search engine for CPA marketing networks; they aggregate all of the offers from the most reputable networks.

Once you find your list of related networks, you should read over the details of the different offers. Most of the listings will provide you with rudimentary information on the offer including which type of traffic is permissible and what the users are required to do.


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