Guantanamo Bay Prison Debate

The history of the Guantanamo Bay Prison is a long one. Many people just see it in the movies and do not know a thing about its history. Its history is dated to back in the 1898. Cuba was a colony of Spain. Around this time, they were fighting for their independence. The US government was dragged into the war when they came in to support The Cuba people. US government was however very strategic and came out very strongly saying that they did not have any vested interest in Cuba. Their intervention in the war between Cuba and Spain led to war between them and Spain which referred to as the Spanish-American war. Spain was defeated and left. This is the time that people realized that America was playing other countries when they said they did not have any interest in Cuba. America just wanted to keep off other countries from coming into the war. When Spain left, Cuba was left under the US government. Cuba was forced to lease Guantanamo Bay to the government of the US.


Many people believe that the two most dangerous vices that affect the US government are Imperialism and the National security System. These traits have proven to be the most destructive features of the constitutional order of America. America established a naval base and a prison camp in Guantanamo Bay. There is also a judicial system which is not trusted by people because America detains people there without trial. They torture them and some are executed after trial a system known as the Kangaroo tribunal. This place was developed after the September 11 attack. The judicial centre was dubbed war on terrorism. The question mainly asked is why it was taken to Cuba and not in the US. They had to take it to Cuba in what is called a constitution free zone. The US government swore to protect and uphold the integrity of its constitution and thus could not have such a centre in its land.

Should Guantanamo Bay Prison be Given Back?

Many people see that the Government of US had undermined its constitution by allowing such activities by its officials. A heated debate has been on and many want Guantanamo Bay be forfeited back to Cuba. This is the only way America will give fair treatment and trial of terror suspects. The judicial system in Guantanamo undermines the rights of people. However, there are people who feel that it should not be returned.


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